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FREE SHIPPING for personalized Wrappers only (no candy or products) for orders of $50 or more shipped by US Priority Mail!  If another type of delivery is request (Express, Fed Ex, UPS, ect.) the total shipping cost is paid by the customer.


Personalized Tic Tac favors is a wonderful way to remember your special occasion!  Personalized Tic Tacs make great handouts for at all types of events including, weddings, birthdays, baby shower, sporting events, fund raisers, reunions and so much more.  Personalized Tic Tacs are wonderful souvenirs, keep sakes, party favors and hand outs for your family, friends and guests.  Please note:  These are the larger 1 oz size.

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      Tic Tac Wrapper Camping design TT-01

T T-01

Tic Tac Wrapper Golf design TT-02

T T-02

Tic Tac Wrapper Hawiian design TT-03

T T-03

Tic Tac Wrapper blue bubble design TT-04

T T-04

Tic Tac Wrapper Water Mellon design TT-05

T T-05

Tic Tac Wrapper black and purple design TT-06

T T-06

      Tic Tac Wrapper Bride with blues design TT-07

T T-07

Tic Tac Wrapper Rose with pink design TT-08

T T-08

Tic Tac Wrapper tea cup design TT-09

T T-09

Tic Tac Wrapper red and yellow with robot design TT-10

T T-10

Tic Tac Wrapper pirate design TT-11

T T-11

Tic Tac Wrapper Yellow with police design TT-12

T T-12

      Tic Tac Wrapper red with fireman design TT-13

T T-13

Tic Tac Wrapper dump truck design TT-13

T T-14

Tic Tac Wrapper RV picknick design TT-15

T T-15

Tic Tac Wrapper Ginger Bread with heart design TT-16

T T-16

Tic Tac Wrapper gold design TT-17

T T-17

Tic Tac Wrapper red with ladybugs design TT-18

T T-18

      Tic Tac Wrapper golden wedding design TT-19

T T-19

Tic Tac Wrapper red and purple with lady and rose design TT-20

T T-20

Tic Tac Wrapper red with back pack design TT-21

T T-21

Tic Tac Wrapper purple with lady gardener design TT-22

T T-22

Tic Tac Wrapper Dog with green border design TT-23

T T-23

Tic Tac Wrapper purple frame design TT-24

T T-24

      If you don't see the design for your special occasion, please contact me.   I have a lot more designs not shown here, PLUS I would be happy to create a custom designs for you at no extra charge!      
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If you don't see a Tic Tac design above that would suit your particular requirements, please feel free to email me.  I would love to create a Tic Tac design especially for your next event.  I have a large selection of artwork to choose from, or you can add your picture or logo along with your personal message at no extra charge!


To place an order, please use my order form Feel free to email me with any questions. 

Note:  There is no payment due by completing my order form.  Payment is only due when the emailed design sample is approved by you.





Call or text: (916) 215-7003


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