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      Personalize sports Chocolate can promote your club, school or other sport activity.  Personalized sports chocolate wrappers are a great way to raise funds, promote your event and to give that special treat for family, friends, players and guests.  Customizing your sports chocolate envelope as well as adding a photo is done at no extra charge.  You can also save money by order Chocolate Envelope only (no chocolate).  Purchase your own Hershey's Chocolate, slip the bar into your personalized Chocolate Envelope, peel the release from the flap, fold over and press.  That is it!  So easy and saves your money!

I also offer personalized Water, Buttons, Hand Wipes and more!  I have a large collection of artwork and would be more than happy to design a wrapper to suit your particular needs.  Adding your picture and logo can be done at no extra charge!  Please call or email me with your special request. 

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      Please contact me if you don't see a wrapper you want.  I specialize in personalizing wrappers to meet your special requirements.      

To place an order, please use my order form Feel free to email me with any questions. 

Note:  There is no payment due by completing my order form.  Payment is only due when the emailed design sample is approved by you.




      Call or text: (916) 215-7003      

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